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Custom Glass Doors

Custom Glass Doors

Custom 8900 Patio Door

Certified To Meet Or Exceed Expectations

CWD Patio doors are AAMA and NFRC certified, and are compliant with ENERGY STAR and Green Building standards when ordered asĀ 8900 sliding glass doora vinyl track and vinyl panel with LOE 366. The features listed throughout this brochure helps satisfy LEED credits.

Ultimate Series Wind-Pact Plus Large Missile Impact Patio Doors

Provide a greater level of safety and security

Reduce danger of flying or falling glass

Resist forced entry

Campen unwanted outside sounds

Tested to Miami-Dade County, Florida and ASTM specifications for impact

Available with energy efficient LOE2 and LOE3 Glass

CWD offers Cardinal NEAT low maintenance glass which the need to clean the glass

For more pictures of CWD’s Ultimate Patio Door Series visit the Custom website