Get answers to frequently asked questions about window and door installation.

What do I have to do to prepare for the installation?

Nothing. We will move the furniture as necessary and remove any window treatments that might be in the way of the installation. If the window treatments are able to be re-installed as they were originally attached, we will replace them for you. If for any reason they are not compatible we will save all of the hardware that had to be removed.

How long will the total installation take?

For an average job (12-20 windows), the inside installation takes one to two days depending on the difficulty of the job.

What damage or repairs should I expect from the installation?

Normally there is no damage to the interior drywall. You can expect minor damage to the exterior (if any) due to the fact that most homes in Florida are stuccoed on the exterior. Since we are a responsible company, we we do re-stucco if there is any exterior damage. Since we are not a painting company, we do not repaint.

How long will my house be open to the weather without windows in place?

Each old window window that we take out will be replaced and the opening will be ‘weather tight’ before we move on to the next window.

Do I have to be home for the installation?

Yes. We would prefer that you be home during the installation. We also understand that people need to work to pay for the windows, so we will arrange for keys before the start of the job.

Do I have to arrange for disposal of the old windows?

No. We will take the old windows and clean all the debris from the job site as we do the installations.

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